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PetLabs360 created Shed No More Chewable Tablets to provide an effective shed reduction and coat-enhancing treat. Shed No More’s unique blend of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are specially formulated into a delicious treat that is easily digested to provide fast relief for you and your pet. So don’t let undue shedding come between you and your dog. Give your dog the treat that will restore their vibrant coat and reduce unnatural shedding. 120 Chewable Tablets.

Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

  • Proprietary Blend--------------225mg (a powder complex of safflower, sunflower, flaxseed, borage, evening primrose & fish oils)
  • Lecithin Powder----------------150mg
  • Flaxseed Oil 50% Powder----50mg
  • Copper----------------------------1.250mg
  • Manganese----------------------1.250mg
  • Zinc--------------------------------1.250mg
  • Selenium--------------------------.002mg
  • Vitamin A---------------------------125iu
  • Vitamin D-3------------------------12.5iu
  • Vitamin B-1-----------------------.125mg
  • Vitamin B-2-----------------------.125mg
  • Vitamin B-6-----------------------.125mg
  • Vitamin B-12----------------------.002mg
  • Niacinamide-----------------------1.250mg
  • Choline------------------------------2.5mg
  • Inositol------------------------------1.25mg

Up to 25 lbs - 2 tablets daily
25 - 60lbs - 4 tablets daily
Over 60lbs - 6 tablets daily

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Shed No More For Dogs 250 count
Shed No More For Dogs 250 count

250 count

Regular price: $42.99
Sale price: $37.99

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