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This short, simple and easy-to-follow video lesson on DVD shows you step by step how to introduce your puppy to a crate and the proper use of crates in crate training or housebreaking. We give you numerous tips on how to successfully housetrain your puppy. Plus as a bonus, we also teach you two methods to let your dog tell you when he or she needs to go outside by ringing a bell or to speak. Housetraining a puppy can be very frustrating for owners. Combining crate training with your housetraining efforts makes the process easier on the puppy and the owner! Controlling your dog's environment is essential to housebreaking a puppy or housetraining success.

If you are frustrated with your puppy, let Puppysmarts training videos give you the tools to train your puppy to be your best friend.....STOP and Order this Video Now! Puppy training should be simple and harmless for the puppy and it's owner. We'll show you how...Order Now!

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