Photo Urns

Our Photo Urn is made from solid hardwood lumber and is designed to display your favorite horizontal pet photograph. The Photo Urn includes your personal (4 line 100 character) inscription on a premium leaded brass nameplate centered below the 3"x5" photo holder.

Useful Information About Your Pet's Ashes: Your pet's ashes are commonly returned to you by your veterinarian in an inexpensive utility urn or container. The ashes are bagged inside and easily transferred without alteration into the bottom of one of our urns. If you should have to re-bag your pet's ashes, we provide a clean new bag for that purpose. Ashes are always bagged to avoid accidental loss should an urn be dropped or broken during transport. If you are uncomfortable handling your pet's ashes, ask a close family member or your veterinarian to do it for you, they will understand.

What Size Should I Get?
Small Urn - Live weight 0-40 lb. (8" long, 3" wide, 6" high)
Medium Urn - Live Weight 41-65 lb. (8" long, 4" wide, 6" high)
Large Urn - Live Weight 66-100 lb. (8" long, 5" wide, 6" high)
XL Urn - Live Weight 101-125 lb. (8" long, 6" wide, 6" high)

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions listed above are approximate outside dimensions of the urn. Inside dimensions are generally about 1 inch smaller in each direction. Cubic dimensions are approximately 60, 90, 120 and 150 cubic inches respectively for the S, M, L, & XL urn. When in doubt, get the next larger size

Please enter your desired inscription below. We may format the text for best possible appearance. For Photo Urns, we allow 4 lines, 25 characters maximum per line.

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.

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