Old West Baa Baa Q Treats

Ingredients: Lamb Lung

This 100% all natural treat is low in fat and chemical free with no preservatives or artificial colors. Comes in a resealable bag. Baa-Baa-Q's are soft enough for older dogs that can't have hard treats and are a great training treat.

Try them today - your dog will LOVE them!

Baa Baa Qs - 4 ozBaa Baa Qs - 4 ozin stock

Regular price: $8.99
Sale price: $8.49, 2/$15.99
Baa Baa Qs - 1lbBaa Baa Qs - 1lbin stock
A pound of Yum!

Regular price: $27.99
Sale price: $24.99, 2/$49.29
Baa Baa Qs - 5lb BagsBaa Baa Qs - 5lb Bagsin stock

Regular price: $145.99
Sale price: $114.99

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