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Four Paws No-Pull Trainer

The No-Pull Trainer is a lightweight device that was designed to stop all dogs from pulling. The No-Pull Trainer will stop any dog, any size from ever pulling again. This product is guaranteed to work and no collar is required.

GUARANTEED to stop ANY dog from pulling or your money back

Large No-Pull Trainer for large breeds like great danes, german shepherds, rottweilers, and golden retrievers.

Medium No-Pull Trainer for medium breeds like cocker spaniels, large terriers, beagles, and dalmatians.

Small No-Pull Trainer for small breeds like schnauzers, poodles, dachshunds, and pugs.

Used by professional trainers worldwide, the No-Pull Trainer will stop any dog, any size, from pulling. Gives you maximum control without choking your dog. The No-Pull Trainer needs no collar. Now, walking your dog will be a pleasure not a chore.

Technical Information
Directions: 1. Before using, open black buckle by using both of your hands and pulling apart the two pieces of the restraint closest to the metal ring. 2. Move both the slide adjustment and lock buckle approximately four inches away from the metal ring. Before placing on dog, make sure the slide adjustment is facing you with the Four Paws name upside down. Put large loop of the restraint over the dog's head and behind the two front legs, resting on the middle of the body. Pull restraint forward between front legs. Push slide adjustment towards the mid-chest area. 3. Slip the No-Pull Trainer restraint back over the dog's head. Adjust the lock buckle down for a comfortable fit. Avoid over tightening. Snap lock buckle shut. Attach your leash to metal ring.


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No Pull Trainer Leash
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