<B>Super Healthy and Super Yummy<B>

Liver Biscotti is all-natural, wholesome, low in fat, and has NO preservatives. Baked fresh in the USA!

USDA select beef liver (human grade), whole wheat and bran flour, water, fresh carrots, eggs, garlic, parsley and baking soda (potato starch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium pyrophospate)

Dogs and cats go wild over this stuff! It is cut in small pieces which is perfect for dog training or as every day treats for both dogs and cats. Treats work perfectly in Buster Cubes and in most food dispensing toys. A must try! Over 300 pieces per half pound bag!

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Liver Biscotti
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Dr. Harvey's Barkotti - Biscotti for Dogs

Check out Dr. Harvey's Barkotti - Biscotti for Dogs

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