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New, IMPROVED CHEWABLE Joint Remedy Product fro Ark Naturals!

"Rescues" your pet from chronic arthritis pain, relieves swollen joints, morning stiffness, inability to run and play as well as age related immobility. This product is formulated to heal damaged cartiledge, tendons, and ligaments. Joint "Rescue" contains therapeutic dosages of Glucosamine plus anti-inflammatory botanicals which improve joint mobility and provide relief for symptoms of pain and inflamation.

Now with 500 Mgs of Glucosamine Sulfate in each Wafer. An even better way to "rescue" your pet from chronic arthritis pain, relieve swollen joints, morning stiffness, inability to run and play, as well as age related immobility

Available Sizes: 90 Wafers

What are the benefits and uses of Joint Rescue?

  • Formulated by a nutrition scientist using only premium human-grade standardized botanical extracts.
  • Contains a blend of ingredients clinically proven to be effective for chronic and acute inflammatory conditions.
  • Does not cause gastric bleeeding or potential liver damage like some anti-inflammatory drugs can.
  • Designed to be used safely on an ongoing basis for young and old dogs-and cats, too.
  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation. Designed to stimulate the formation of healthy joint tissue.

What special ingredients does Joint Rescue feature?

  • Glucosamine sulfate, HCl: Provides raw material for building healthy cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints.
  • Boswellia: Source of boswellic acids, powerful anti-inflammatories for chronic inflammation such as arthritis, tendonitis, dysplasia. Stimulates synthesis of healthy cartilage and other connective tissues.
  • Curcumin: Powerful anti-inflammatory for both chronic and acute inflammation; antioxidant, antimicrobial; detoxifying.
  • Bromelain: Natural enzyme from pineapple which reduces acute inflammation, bruising, and swelling. Helps the body break down and remove damaged tissues.
  • Yucca extract: Traditional veterinary herb. Yucca saponins help reduce arthritis stiffness, swelling, and pain.
  • Manganese: Important trace element for cartilage and bone growth and maintenance.

How should I use Joint Rescue?

  • Use as directed on label; make sure dosage is increased as outlined for heavier dogs. Product is designed to be used on an ongoing indefinite basis for chronic inflamamtory conditions.
  • Use if dogs are diagnosed with arthritis or related joint degeneration disorders.
  • Use if dogs appear to be have joint pain and are unable to run or play normally,
  • Use for older dogs with joint stiffness or weakness.
  • Joint Rescue may be used for cats, however cats do not suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions very often as compared to dogs.
  • Best results will be achieved when Royal Coat is used in conjunction with Joint Rescue.
  • In otherwise healthy animals, Joint Rescue can be used 1 to 4 weeks after surgery or injury to reduce inflammation and pain. Can be used in conjuction with medications.
  • Joint Rescue is encapsulated for purity and to ensure proper blending of ingredients during manufacturing. Capsules may be opened and added to pet's food, however pets may object to the taste.

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