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The Innotek Indoor Zone is is used to keep pets out of certain areas in your house.

The round disc-like transmitter runs on (3) AA batteries and has a running life of about 6 months. Simply place the Innotek transmitter where you don't want your dog to go and turn it on. While sitting there, the transmitter will broadcast a FM radio frequency in the range you set it to. Your pet will wear a collar that will deliver a mild correction when it comes into this signal range. When your dog first enters this range he will receive an audible tone followed by mild stimulation that will increase the closer he gets to the transmitter. Thus detouring your dog from certain Zones inside your house.

The Zone is the newest form of indoor pet fencing by Innotek. These New Innotek Wireless Transmitters can be put anywhere, in a plant, next to the front door, hanging on a wall or in the coffee table drawer. Whether it is hanging, standing or laying your pet will not be able to dig in your plants, run out the front door when guests arrive or beg for food at the dinner table. No training and No installation just simply place the small transmitter in the areas you don't want your dog to be, put the collar on him and watch as he stays away from the Zoned areas. You can use as many collars and transmitters as you need.

Solve frustrating pet problems with expert ease! Designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home with no training necessary. Put an Innotek Zone near anything you want your dog to avoid, the trash, kitchen counter, dining room table or protect your fine furniture. Simply select the area, set the Zoneís protection coverage area between 1í and 10í feet in diameter, fit Innotekís exclusive comfort collar to your dog and enjoy your pet free zone! Your dogís collar will work with multiple zones (sold separately), so you can cover problem areas in your home.

Containment Features:

Pure Digital Signal: Eliminates interference from stray signals. Computer aided electronics allows for smooth and consistent operation. Our micro processor works twice as hard as others and takes less signal to activate correctly. The NEW Sensitive approach to pet containment systems mean's a more accurate correction point.

Most Humane System: Innotekís computer aided electronics continues to offer the most advanced and most humane systems available. All Innotek systems monitor your dogs position and speed from the buried wire. Ask millions of satisfied users.

Progressive Correction: (Run Thru Prevention) All Innotek systems offer progressive correction, and ONLY Innotek systems, because it is a US Patent. If it isnít Innotek its not Run Thru Prevention. If it isnít Run Thru Prevention it is not the best system available in the US.

Water Resistant Collar: This is a true water-resistant collar. Great for rain, snow and everyday wet conditions.

Anti Drain: Another long time feature developed by Innotek. Anti Drain prevents a dog from lingering in the warning zone area.

Constant Alert Operation: Unlike other systems where the system goes to sleep, this system is always working to protect your pet. Sleeping units like alarm clocks may not always turn on. The advanced battery system does not need to shut off to conserve a charge.

Auto-Safety Shut Off: Like most other system for years Innotek has pioneered and offered Auto-Safety Shut off to prevent unnecessary long exposure to a corrective stimulation. After shut off the unit will reactivate automatically. Innotek has always lead the way in Safety.

Omni-Directional Signal: A must for all containment systems as it eliminates all dead signal areas. This prevents your pet from finding a way out. A must for any system.

Operates Multiple Collars: This system was designed to contain as many dogs as you desire.

Adjustable Correction Zone: Innotek pioneered the adjustable boundary, allowing you to set the correction field from a few feet all the way up to 10 feet.

Precision Early Warning Tone: To alert your pet and aid in the safe training of your pet.

Video and manual: Complete Installation and Pet Training Instructions.

MOST IMPORTANT: You are buying a product from a US company which has pioneered Humane and successful Pet Containment for years. Innotek is a National Brand, used by millions of Americans either as a self installed Innotek system or as an installed Invisible Fence System (Invisible Fence a division of Innotek). Each system is backed by a large and professional manufacturing, quality control, service and support staff. The bottom line: Innotek is the Most Humane and the Most Effective containment system available.

For all sized dogs OVER 15lbs.

Range 1 - 10 feet

Collar weight: 1.3 ounces

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.



Extra ZoneExtra ZoneFor additional rooms.

Extra CollarExtra CollarFor multiple dog households.




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