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Home-made, made easy! Introducing a new & innovative approach to canine nutrition: Natural, delicious, dehydrated human grade dog food. The Honest Kitchen.

Offering People Food - Formulated for Pets!

The Honest Kitchen's healthy, dehydrated raw pet foods offer a way to create fresh, natural meals for your pet in the comfort of your home. No cooking and no freezers required!

The Honest Kitchen always uses organic grains, hormone / antibiotic-free meats and non-GMO produce. All ingredients are guaranteed 100% Human Food Grade.

This great company is committed to providing nourishing products for cats and dogs, to promote health, vitality and well-being.

All the foods and supplements from the Honest Kitchen are developed and produced with uncompromising quality and attention to detail. No expense is spared, in our superior ingredients and state of the art manufacturing which takes place in a human food facility for complete peace of mind.

No cooking required! Simply hydrate with warm water, and in just ten minutes, a wholesome, colorful meal that is loaded with naturally occurring, wholesome nutrition, is ready to serve. Additional raw meat and bones or cooked meat can be mixed in, if desired, without disrupting critical nutrient values.

Honest Kitchen foods are completely free of all chemicals, by-products, fillers, wheat, corn, soy, rice and beet pulp. Verve is also dairy-free and Force is entirely free of grains.

Honest Kitchen's commitment is to the absolute highest quality ingredients and manufacturing procedures (our products are made in a human food-producing facility, not a pet food plant, to offer you complete peace of mind).

FORCEFORCEFor dogs intolerant of grains

VERVEVERVE100% human food grade

EmbarkEmbarkFor puppies



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