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Flint River Ranch's new ultra premium Bonita Cat Treats are ultra premium, all natural taste delights for cats both young and mature of all breeds.

The 100% pure Bonita Fish flakes (tuna) are a healthy, high-protein taste treat that will have your cats begging for more! The sun-dried dehydrated fish flakes are very light, so each 1 ounce pouch is packed full of long-lasting, irresistible treats. Flint River Ranch Bonita cat treats are not only thoroughly enjoyable to your cat, they're also beneficial for good feline health.

The treats can be used to help establish socialization, to assist with personal bonding, or just to reward your kitty for good behavior. Feed just a pinch or add as a healthy addition to one of our premium cat food Flint River Ranch formulas. The bonita fish flakes cat treats contain no preservatives and no artificial additives.

Refrigeration is not required for the flakes, but is recommended after opening for extended freshness.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.



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