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Our 100% North American Granite burial markers make wonderful backyard memorials for pet owners who choose to bury their pet, scatter their pet's ashes, or for those who simply desire a permanent reminder of their lost friend. They come with durable diamond engraved gold-filled lettering that should last a lifetime. We offer 14 day delivery from the time of your order and a customer satisfaction guarantee. These are "flush" stones which lie flat to the ground.

These grave markers are made from premium architectural granite used in the construction of modern skyscrappers. These markers are much more attractive than the color images here can capture, as polished granite is difficult to photograph. Each Marker is available in Black, Dark Green, and Burgundy (multicolored gray & rose stone).

Our "Standard" Marker is 8"(top-to-bottom) x 12"(left-to-right) by 3/4" thick and weighs about 10 pounds. (Horizontal in shape)

Our "Large" Marker ($169.95) is 12"(top-to-bottom) x 14"(left-to-right) by 3/4" thick and weighs about 16 pounds. (Horizontal in shape)

No special installation is required with these markers. We have tested them in residential surroundings and we have never had a problem with breakage. Commercial settings may require concrete bases to avoid damage from the use of heavy equipment. To be safe, PLEASE call your local utilities before you dig.

We allow 4 lines, 16-17 characters per line on all our Burial Markers.

Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks.

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